Business Networking in action at Hartsfield Manor, Surrey

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Last week's TC meeting marked a fond farewell to Tom Frith (above), solicitor, karate black belt and Powerpoint grandmaster. We also welcomed two guests: independent marketing professional Adrià Tarrida, returning for a second taste of the TC breakfast experience, and architect Wayne-Hyde Greenway.

Apologies that it's taken me so long to get this bulletin out. I've been busy. I suppose that should be cause for celebration. Big turn-out this week and, after a quick bout of Musical Chairs (for which we were hoping to have piano accompaniment from Bridgit – next time perhaps), we were treated to an interesting 10 Minutes talk from Paul Fischer, which had us all breathing more freely.

A healthy turn-out for this Trusted Contacts meeting included the introduction to the group of marketing consultant Adrià Tarrida.