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Bridgit Winn-Taylor

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Cercis 18 Little Bookham Street, Little Bookham,, Surrey KT23 3AQ United Kingdom

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Visionary Bookkeeping

Cercis keeps accurate records of your business accounts and helps you use the figures to make the key decisions that will enable your enterprise to flourish and meet your goals.

Cercis was founded by me, Bridgit Winn-Taylor. Having run my own successful gardening business for 15 years, I wanted to pass on my experience to other businesses and offer a service that helps them to succeed through well-informed financial planning. I completed my AAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and have begun studying for my CGMA designation from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. The combination of these studies and my own experience of running a business gives me the edge over other bookkeepers when it comes to recognising what your figures are telling you and how to react to the information.

As a gardener, I always loved the Cercis tree for the way it stood out from other trees and shrubs. In much the same way, I wanted my business to stand out from all the traditional bookkeepers out there, to offer something more. Cercis is different because we don’t stop at keeping your figures in order; we use those figures to create an accurate picture of your business performance and show you how you can use that picture to make better business decisions.