Positive testimonials from Trusted Contacts


Networking over breakfast

Business networking works - so they say...

“Business Networking at Trusted Contacts has become a primary source of referrals for me. Being recommended to a prospect takes away a lot of the hard work needed to win a new client. Of course, you still have to provide a good service, but often getting your foot in the door and being personally recommended leads to a business 99% of the time.”

Simon Knibbs, Knibbs Associates

"KT Partnership are a relatively small firm and as such rely very heavily on referral business. A large part of this comes from our existing client database, but an equally important element of my personal business is the recommendations that I receive from the various Trusted Contacts members, all of whom have been tremendously supportive of KT Partnership since we became members in 2008, and most of whom have also become personal clients.
For anyone that is hoping to start, grow or build their business, I would not hesitate to recommend that they join a business networking group and I've no doubt that having a group of Trusted Contacts behind you will make all the difference."

Pete Crowe, Mortgage Adviser, KT Partnership

I joined Trusted Contacts in 2013 and the group have provided a steady flow of referrals, which has really contributed to our business.

From a personal point of view I feel it has developed my skills further and the Friday morning meetings really does set me up for the day! Meeting likeminded business people from different industry sectors I find very useful as it gives us an opportunity to share ideas and success stories, which we can all benefit from.

Tom Flynn, Westfield Insurance

I believe that one of the key components to growing your business is to surround yourself with positive, forward thinking, trusted business people.  
Having been a founding member of Trusted Contacts since its’ inception, I have not only achieved this, but have also established a great network of friends, peers and advocates.  
30% of my clients are directly related to Trusted Contacts in some way.

Simon Wood-Woolley, Define Wealth

"Jones’ Creative joined Trusted Contacts in 2012, initially seeing a good fit for our skills & services. The group fulfils many important business and personal requirements but, it is the professionalism of the individual members that has become crucial to my company's success. We have benefitted from business referrals from day one and from an underlying discount as well as best practise and advice which also apply.

A group such as this is a rare thing, visitors regularly comment on the interest and welcome they receive and how well the group interact with each other and, visitors. The group tries at every opportunity to support members and has a strong charitable aspect that delivers £’000s each year to its chosen charities.

 There is networking and then there is Trusted Contacts."

Dick Jones, Printer, Jones Creative Services

"Ilisi has been involved with business networking in general for many years. However, specifically, we joined Trusted Contacts some five years ago and have benefited tremendously from the business relationships formed and the referrals received and given.

The most significant point about this type of marketing is that the integrity of the members is proven and the quality of the referrals, all of which have been pre-qualified, is outstanding.

In our experience gaining business in this type of forum is far superior to traditional marketing and advertising methods."

Michael Mylne, Lawyer/Adviser, Ilisi

I have been at Trusted Contacts for 5 years starting as one of the founding members. It’s a testament to the success of the group that so many of the original members are still there. There’s a commonly used expression ‘it’s quality not quantity that counts’ and that is very true of the business referrals and introductions that are made each week when we meet. Every introduction I have received has been a genuine referral with a real opportunity to do business. Approximately 10% of my annual turnover has been directly generated through my membership at Trusted Contacts.

In addition to this, we have fun at the meetings in a relaxed atmosphere and regularly organise social events.

Alan Chesterfield, TaxAssist Accountants

“I am one of the newest members of Trusted Contacts (“TC”), attending the group for just two years. Given that I travel to Dorking from Walton-on-Thames every Friday to participate in the meetings, it is fair to say that TC offers a certain “je ne sais quoi” which maybe other networking groups fail to deliver. I think the key to TC’s success is that members have similar values and personal attributes based on trust and a willingness to help others which means it is that much easier to build strong, longer term relationships. When I first joined the group, I sensed that there were quality business referrals being passed about the group on a regular basis and in my experience that has been very much borne out since. Also, from the start I enjoyed the sense of humour brought to the meetings by the members (especially those from sunny Rusper) and I have not been disappointed as the meetings are invariably most enjoyable despite the time of day. In summary, if these points resonate with you, then I would recommend that you attend a Trusted Contacts meeting soon.” 

Gavin Flaxman, Partner, WPA Healthcare Practice