Business Networking in action at Hartsfield Manor, Surrey

Business Networking

for professionals

It's all about the BUSINESS?

There are many reasons to join Trusted Contacts; it’s cheaper and more effective then many other forms of advertising such as local magazines and newspapers, you’re able to build up relationships with other complimentary businesses who can regularly pass you work, or maybe you just enjoy a bit of networking and a hearty cooked breakfast to start off the working day.

Trusted Contacts has many success stories within our group with thousands of pounds worth of business passed between members and members' contacts every year.  Trusted Contacts could be just the kind of boost your business needs, and with a free no obligation first visit, why not see if we can put a smile on your face... and make you some money.


Once you arrive and have been welcomed to the meeting, grab a tea or coffee and participate in some open networking. Introduce yourself and your business to the members and other visitors and find out if there are any immediate connections.

Shortly after this we sit down to our breakfast and then enter into the formal part of the meeting. Everyone then presents an aspect or overviewp of their business. Don’t be scared about this, all you need to say is who you are, what your business is and what you offer and finish up with what kind of business you would like the group to help you with.

The last part of the meeting is the referrals section where leads, updates and thanks are passed between everyone.


Firstly, each new member that joins Trusted Contacts would have been recommended by a member or friend. Only one trade or profession can be in each Trusted Contacts group, for example we would only have one printer or one electrician. To have move than one would lead to confusion as to who to give your lead to and could give rise to resentment from the other trades person in the group. However, if a potential new member has an area of business that crosses over with an existing member, this can sometimes be accommodated if both members feel they can compliment each other. At the end of the day, it's all about trust and working together to grow our own and each other's business.

What sort of leads or business can I expect from networking with Trusted Contacts?

Most members have been in business for a long time and have established a wide network of clients and contacts, and it is introductions to this wider network which generates business for the members.

Initially trust must be built up, by proving a member can provide a good service and then as their credibility grows, more opportunities open up to share contacts and personally introduce members to valued clients. You never know who people know and just one offer of help of advice can lead to a contract that would have taken years to cultivate.

What does my membership fee get used for?

Membership of ‘Trusted Contacts’ networking provides excellent value for money in terms of return on investment for a relatively small business expenditure.
Your first year costs are made up of a one off £100.00 joining fee and a £160.00 annual membership charge. All of this money is put to good use for the benefit of both the group – and you as an active member.

How do I know I can trust other members?

We understand that this is a question many prospective members will have. However, everyone in Trusted Contacts has been carefully selected to ensure the highest levels of personal and business integrity. Many have worked together for years. Our members all work hard to try and find potential business contacts for each other. In addition, members are expected to have regular 1:1 meetings to build relationships and trust. Trust is something that is built over time, but you can be assured that members of Trusted Contacts are there to help your business grow.

Why do we meet regularly?

To build any kind of a trusted relationship regular contact is vital. By meeting fortnightly, and sometimes socially, individuals get to know other trusted contacts within the group, they hear testimonials from other members about work undertaken successfully and become confident in recommending that individual’s business to their own contacts. Having many other trusted contacts referring your business to people they know is why we meet so regularly.


Each calendar we choose a charity to sponsor and for 2016 we have chosen to support Young Enterprise.

We work hard to raise money for our charity and find that this also increases our business opportunities.  

In 2011 we raised £7200, 2012 a whopping £9600, and 2013 £9800. In 2014 we raised £3600 for Winston's Wish and £3000 for St Catherine's Hospice. In 2015 we again supported two local charities donating £3516 to Dyscover and £3000 to Young Enterprise. This money was raised by running various activities like our Golf Day, quizzes, and so on, where most members willingly participate.

As a Trusted Contacts member we all try to support of local community.

Charity Donation at Christmas Party