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Make a difference to your business by joining Trusted Contacts, the most proactive networking group in Surrey. With competitive fees and places limited to one per profession, your Trusted Contacts membership will become an essential part of your new business strategy.


Gold Membership and a limited number of Silver Memberships. The latter is for those who cannot commit to the fortnightly meetings but are nonetheless deemed a valuable component of the group. I know what you’re thinking: 'I’ll take the Silver Membership, thanks, and enjoy my freedom.’ That sort of logic might apply to other networking groups but when it's a group that genuinely benefits your business like Trusted Contacts, you don’t want to miss a single meeting.

If you want to come and sample the magic before joining, you are welcome to attend two meetings en spec for just the one-off breakfast fee of £25, after which we will ask you to commit to membership.

  Gold Member Silver Member
Annual sub £100 £100
Breakfast fee £45/month £25/meeting
Free entry to breakfast meetings and evening events Y N
Profile on the Trusted Contacts website Y Y
Invitation to special events Y Y
Inclusion in all group communications Y Y
Link to the Trusted Contacts LinkedIn page Y Y
Opportunity to promote activities via Trusted Contacts social media Y Y