Breakfast networking in Surrey

How it works

Networking & breakfast


Attend a Meeting

Our meetings are very friendly and although – for the sake of efficiency- we do run to a general agenda we are largely informal. We schedule our fortnightly meeting from 7.00 – 8.30 a.m. on Friday mornings at the Hartsfield Manor, Sandy Lane, Betchworth, Surry, RH3 7AA. The coffee is on from 6.30 and so anyone wishing to arrive early for some informal networking is made to feel very welcome.

What the event includes

7.00 Networking over coffee
7.15 "Breakfast is served" - buffet style - full English, continental or vegetarian
7.35 Introduction by our chair
7.40 60 second review of members' business week - what sort of business is sought
8.00 Specific business 10 minute or topical discussion
8.15 Referrals, testimonials and meeting feedback
8.25 Announcements and AOB
8.30 Closing words by chair
8.31 Carriages!

Don't be shy

We are a very flexible and open group of pleasant, positive, enthusiastic interactive business owners; mostly locally based, but attracting some members from far afield as they find considerable benefit from attending our meetings. If you run a business in the locality and could find value in exchanging business within such an environment come along and meet us. As a first time visitor, you will be treated to a free breakfast which on subsequent visits currently costs £12 a meeting.

How to Join?

Joining Trusted Contacts is easy.

Firstly, the obvious thing is to attend a meeting so you can see how things work and make an informed choice about joining us.

If after that meeting you still feel like you would like to join then you simply need to fill in the Trusted Contacts application form. This form will be given to you at the end of your first meeting when a member of the group will have a quiet chat with you to discuss your first impressions and gauge your interest.


There are three conditions that you need to pass in order to join Trusted Contacts.

  • Firstly there needs to be no clash of interest with any other existing members business. We allow only one of each kind of business within Trusted Contacts
  • Secondly you need to provide 2 references for your business. Two people who can vouch you’re your business and its service. One or both of these references may be contacted before you can join.
  • And thirdly, the Trusted Contacts committee must agree that you can join.

How much does it cost?

Providing your application is approved, you will be invited to join the group. To proceed you need to pay your membership fee of £260. This consists of your yearly subscription of £160 and your £100 one-off joining fee.

In addition, you need to pay for your weekly breakfast, to do this you simply set up a standing order to us of £53 a month which covers this cost. Once all this is completed you can then attend the weekly meetings as a member. This cost includes a £1 charitable donation.

There is a little more to being a member of Trusted Contacts than just paying your membership fee however, as you will be expected to contribute to the group. The aim of Trusted Contacts is to pass business between ourselves and to bring business in from outside the group to other members. By signing up as a member you are agreeing to actively take part in doing this.

Simply put, you must regularly attend the meetings (and send a sub for your absences as much as possible), work towards contributing as many quality referrals to the other members and bring as much business to the group as you can.

In return, you get a network of local businesses that will actively promote your services and support you in your own business.